Question: When logging in, an “Invalid Credentials” error is displayed in the app. What should I do?

Answer: Make sure that the username and password you entered are correct.


Question: I forgot my password. What should I do?

Answer:     -     Follow the link Forgot your password? to recover your password.

                      -     Ask the administrator (a person in your organization) to refresh the password and issue it to the user.


Question: How can I determine the app version?

Answer: Open the app, go to the Profile tab, click About the App.


Question: When I try to take a photo, a black window is displayed. What should I do?

Answer: The app does not have permission to access your camera. Go to your phone Settings – Apps – Zegoal – Permissions (Permissions and Notifications) – Allow camera access


Question: My photos didn't get uploaded. A blue arrow is displayed next to the task. What should I do?

Answer: Configure the app to work in the background – Check the stability of your Internet connection – Open the task, check if there are photo thumbnails there – Click the Send Files Again button – Wait until the status of the task changes to a green checkmark.


Question: I can’t open the task and check if the photos are visible. What should I do?

Answer: Open the app – Go to the Plan tab – Select My Tasks tab – Set the display period in the filter – Click the check mark – Click the task.


Question: The Resend Files button is not visible in the app. What should I do?

Answer: Check the stability of your Internet connection – Go to the list of recently opened apps – Swipe Zegoal from the background (do not clear the app cache, do not log out of your account, do not delete the app) – Restart the app. This will allow to run the backup command to upload all tasks.


Question: I can't create task sending logs. The button is inactive. What should I do?

Answer: See the section “How to Collect and Submit the Task Sending Logs File”.


Question: I am on the spot (in the office), and the app shows that I am moving near the office. Why does it happen?

Answer: Due to the nature of propagation of the GPS signal, the signal level inside the building or premises is significantly reduced; also, the GPS signal can arrive at the location of the employee in various ways, for example, after it was reflected from adjacent buildings. Therefore, when trying to receive a GPS signal inside a building, the location may not be determined at all or it may be determined with an increased error, for example, “projections” occur, and the location is determined next to the building.


 Question: The Zegoal app is not working. What should I do?

Answer: If you can't log into the Zegoal app for some reason, your data is not synchronized, the app is working strangely or is unstable, the following three simple steps can often help: 

1. Reboot your smartphone.

2. Clear your cache.

3. Clear the app data. 

Make sure that your version of Zegoal app is up to date. The current version of the app can be checked in Play Market.

To clear the cache, go to Phone Settings, select All Apps (for Samsung phones – App Manager). Find the Zegoal app. Clear the app Cache by clicking the Clear Cache button. If clearing the cache did not help, proceed to clearing the Zegoal app data. Go to Phone Settings – Apps – Zegoal – Clear App Data (Memory).

After that, open the Zegoal app and enter your username and password. Please, make sure that you entered your username and password correctly.

In most cases, the above actions are sufficient to restore the normal operation of the app.