To create a task, go to the Management Portal and open the Tasks block. Click the Create button.

After that, a task creation window will be displayed on the screen. Please see the figure below.


Select a task form (a pre-created template, please check the article, which is available at this link), and set the location. Select the executor and the date for the task. 


Once you have filled in all the required fields, click Create. The task will be displayed in the list of tasks with the status Scheduled for Execution. If you don't see the task, use the search by user, date, status, etc.

You can also create or revise a list of unassigned tasks. 

To assign a task, click on its name. Then click the “Modify” button. Assign the task to an employee, and click “Save”. 

Task statuses: Scheduled for Execution; In Progress; Paused; Completed, Waiting for Files to be Uploaded; Completed; Cancelled; Cancelled, Waiting for Files to be Uploaded.


If the task was overdue, then a label in the form of a triangle will be displayed next to it. 

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