If the task remains in the status Completed, Waiting for Files to be Uploaded, sometimes it is necessary to collect data that contains system information about app operation, in other words, task sending logs.

It's important not to log out of your account, clear its cache or uninstall the app. 

In order to collect the logs, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure your Internet connection is stable. 
  2. Check the version of your app: open the Profile tab and select About the App.
  3. Go to the Plan tab in the app. Open My Tasks item. If the required task is not displayed in the list, use the filter button and set the appropriate time period to find the task.
  4. After the task is displayed, be sure to click the Resend Files button and immediately go to the Profile tab.
  5. In the Profile tab, click the Task Sending Logs item. Wait until the file is generated and send it to support@zegoal.com. In the e-mail, indicate the contact phone number of the employee who performed the task, the version of the mobile app, and the smartphone model. If possible, attach a screenshot of the error that is displayed when sending the task. Make sure to not forget to specify the subject line as well.