In order to create a new Company, proceed as follows:

Go to CRM → Click Create → Fill in the fields → Click Create again.


Data fields can be divided into two groups: Company and Main Location.



Main Location

  • Company name
  • Responsible employees (selection from the list)
  • City (directory)
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Description
  • Region (directory)
  • Sub-region (directory)
  • Industry (directory)
  • Contract (directory)
  • Revenue (directory)
  • Number of employees (directory)
  • Status (directory)
  • Type (directory)
  • Size (directory)
  • Priority (directory)


  • Company name
  • Address
  • Radius (it is recommended that you leave the default value of 100 m)
  • Persons responsible for the location (selection from the list)
  • Region (directory)
  • Group (directory )
  • Status (directory)
  • Priority (directory)
  • Type (directory)



The mandatory fields are: Name, Main Location Address and Radius. If they are not filled, it is impossible to create a Company.

The rest of the fields are optional. For some of the fields it is necessary to create directories.

Determine what information is needed and fill out the directories accordingly.

You can specify who is responsible for the company and location. Configuring the responsible persons helps to distribute your employees according to the level of access to information in the database. 

You can choose the option of working without assigning responsible employees, then everyone will be able to view all the information. And conversely, by limiting the responsibility, you can limit access to viewing information.

If you have chosen the option with delimitation of responsibility for yourself, remember that it will be impossible to assign a task to an employee who is not responsible for the location.

If the fields were not filled in immediately, they can be filled in by editing the company. At the same time, in order to fill in the fields related to Main Location, it is necessary to edit the location itself.




It is possible to create multiple locations for each company. 

Open CRM → Locations → Click Create → Fill in the fields and click Create again

The mandatory attributes of any location are: Address, Radius, Company.

Also, in the directories, you can set up for yourself the Region, Group, Location Status, Priority and Type.

 If you are performing a bulk data import when creating/editing Companies and Locations, please use the files that match the template, otherwise the import will fail. Also, don't leave any blank lines between the positions. The template file can be downloaded from the Download Creation/Editing Template link on the Company or Location page. To read more about bulk file import, please check the following link.


Property can be placed at the location. 

In order to create a new Property, click the Create button, fill in the properties of the Property, and then click Create again. 

Property has the following properties:

  1. Property photo
  2. Asset's name 
  3. Responsible persons (selected from the list)
  4. Internal address (for example, you can include the number of the shelf/crate for ease of searching)
  5. Description
  6. Location (selected from the list)
  7. Status
  8. Type
  9. Model
  10. Issue
  11. Installation
  12. Warranty period
  13. Serial number
  14. Contract
  15. Inventory number

Mandatory properties of the Property are Name and Location. If they are not filled in, the Property will not be created.

For Property, it is useful to indicate the date of purchase, serial number and warranty period – this will help maintain not only the list of employees, but also a history of important equipment in Zegoal.

 The created Property will be available for editing and deleting. To do so, find the required Property in the list, click it, then click the Delete (Recycle Bin) button or the Edit (Pencil) button.


A contact is a person who is located at a specific location. The contact is not the task executor. It can be either an employee of your company or a third party.

In order to create a new contact, go to CRM → Contacts and click the Create button.

A contact card will be displayed on the screen. Fill in the contact properties:

  1. Name
  2. Responsible persons
  3. Email
  4. Telephone
  5. Position
  6. Specialization
  7. Description
  8. Location
  9. Status
  10. Type
  11. Priority

The Name and Location properties are mandatory. It is also recommended that you indicate the position in order to simplify the search for a contact in the future, and contact information for communication.

Once you fill in all the data, click the Create button again.

You can add text comments to Companies, Locations, Property and Contacts. This feature will be useful for those who actively keep a history of relationships with their customers.

Got to CRM. Choose a section: Company, Location, Property or Contact. Select a specific entry and go to the Comments section. Enter a text comment and click the Add button.

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