In the Profile tab, there is a menu containing the items Timesheet, Report, GPS Service, Internet Connection Type, About the App and Task Sending Logs. It also displays information about the last name and first name of the employee and the workspace (in this example,, as well as the Logout button. Each tab is examined in detail below.

1. Timesheet (available in app version 2.04 and above).

 This tab is designed for recording working hours. The employee registers the start time of work (with the Start Day button), the time of breaks and the end time of work. The day also starts automatically if you start any task for that day.

To start a break, use the Break button. To end the break, use the Resume button.


The data from your timesheet will also be available to your Manager and Administrator in the Zegoal Management Portal. 

To end the working day early, use the square button in the lower right corner of the Timesheet menu.


2. Report. 

 After filling in the Timesheet tab, a report can be generated with information on how much time was spent on the tasks, how much time was spent on breaks, and the duration of downtime.

1. To create a report, open the Report menu and click the Create button.

2. Select the date range and click the checkmark.

3.A list of reports will be displayed on the screen. Click the report you want to view.

3. GPS service

Internet connection to Zegoal servers can be checked (the Internet Connection line), as well as location detection status (Geolocation), Zegoal GPS-service operation status, and the number of messages in the Black Box of the app (Black Box Messages). Black Box is a special storage for various information that is created by Zegoal app but not transferred to the server. Normally, the app contains 0 Black Box messages. In case of temporary loss of connection, messages will be stored in the Black Box, and the number of messages will be shown to the user. If there are many messages in the Black Box, ensure stable Internet connection; if your Internet access is working, address Zegoal support service.

Besides, this window shows the date and time of the last connection to the server, current coordinates (if detected), and the number of satellites used (only if positioning is based exclusively on GPS without other Android services).

To exit the “GPS Service” window, click on the <- button in the upper left corner of the app interface. Sometimes it is necessary to collect data that contains system information about app operation, in other words, sending logs(use "send log files" button)/

4. Logout Button 

The Logout button is designed to log out of the user profile. Tracking the location of the employees and sending new tasks to them will be disabled until the next login to the Zegoal mobile app. Use this button if you need to sign in as a different user or company which uses the Zegoal mobile app.

5. Internet Connection Type.

This is an information field, it shows the type of connection that the Administrator has set up for the user.

6. About the App. 

In this tab, information about the version of the app and the last update date is displayed. 

Hint. When contacting technical support, do not forget to inform the operator about your current version of the Zegoal mobile app.


7. Task Sending Logs.

This tab allows to generate log files at the request of technical support. For more information, please check the article which is available at the following link.