Click the task from the list to view its properties or start the work. 

To start the task, click the Start Task button.

The task status icon will change from Scheduled for Execution   to In Progress .

This will start a timer counting down the time it takes to complete this task. 


Select the required fields from the list and complete the task. The to-do list is defined by your Administrator. It can consist of various items, for example: take a photo/audio recording, scan a QR code, select one of the possible answers, mark several options from the drop-down list, obtain a signature.

It can also contain several levels or a nested form with an additional task. Upon successful completion, the colour of the list will change from black to blue. 


Items marked with a red * mark are mandatory. This means that it is impossible to complete the task by skipping such items. The Complete Task (tick mark) button will be disabled.

You can pause the task at any time by clicking the Pause button. The status of the task will change from In Progress to PausedAnd then resume work by clicking the Start Work button.


After all the required fields of the list are filled in, click the Complete Task (tick mark) button to complete the task. The fields of the list will become inactive, and the status of the task will change to Completed. 


If an error occurs during data upload, and the app switches to the offline mode, restore your Internet connection. Then click the Upload Files again button


To cancel the execution of the task, click the X button, and then the Cancel button. The task will be marked as failed and closed (Cancelled).


Warning! This action is irreversible, you and will not be able to return to the execution of the Cancelled task. To resume the ability to work, the task must be reassigned. This can be done by the Administrator.


In the Info tab, the user can view all the details of the task, including task description, location, due date, and company name.

In the Comments tab, you can view the comments that were submitted and reply to them. Click the + icon to add a comment.