In some cases, your smartphone may require additional configuration to ensure optimal performance of the Zegoal app. The exact path to the settings may differ depending on the version of Android and the brand of your device.

In order to use all the features of the Zegoal app, it is recommended that you configure the following settings for the Android operating system:


1. Allow the app to use location data (geodata) and send notifications.


  • Settings → Apps → Zegoal → Permissions → Location Data → On
  • Settings → Apps → Zegoal → Notifications → Allow Notifications → Enable All Notifications


In order to obtain the most accurate location data for your device, turn on the high accuracy location mode.


  • Settings → Location→ Search for Wi-Fi Networks and Bluetooth Devices/High Accuracy Location Mode → On
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen → Press and hold the Location/Geolocation icon → Advanced Settings → Scan for Wi-Fi Networks and Bluetooth Devices/High Accuracy Location Mode → On


2. Allow the app to run in the background and with the screen locked. 


  • Settings → Battery and Power Saving → Battery Usage → Ignore Optimizations → Zegoal → On
  • Settings → Apps → Battery → Optimize Battery Usage → Zegoal → Off
  • Settings → Network and Internet → Data Transfer → Data Saver → On
  • Settings → Network and Internet → Data Transfer→ Data Saver → On → Unrestricted Data Access → Zegoal→ Allow Background Data Usage


For some smartphones, multiple steps may be required. For more information about your device settings, please visit the website of your smartphone manufacturer.

Below are the examples of ways to set up certain smartphones.