At present, several directories are available, the main of which are the Staff groups and the Positions reference books.

Staff Groups allows conveniently sorting employees by units and tasks performed, as well as managing access right. A user can be a part of a group, and those having manager's rights can be group managers. A user can be assigned as a group manager via the “Available Groups” field in user settings. Administrators are managers of all employees; there is no need to assign “Available Groups” for them.

Positions constitute a reference book of employee positions in the company.

Example. Indicate the “Sweeper” position for an employee, so you will see it in the list of employees when assigning tasks to avoid errors, such as assigning cleaning tasks to an employee with other duties.

For the convenience of search and logical assortment of companies, you can also group Locations and Companies, e.g. sort locations by cities, scope, number of employees, etc.