The service is available at

Type this address in the browser and in the window that appears, enter your login (i.e. username = email address) and password. Click Login. If you don't remember your password, click the "Forgot password" button and instructions on how to reset it will be sent to your email.

After a successful login, the Management Portal will be displayed on the screen.

The Zegoal management portal contains eight main blocks of information, which are located in the program interface on the left. Switching between blocks is carried out by clicking on the name of the corresponding block.

  1. Tasks allows the user to create tasks, assign tasks to different scenarios, coordinate tasks, control task progress and view results.
  2. Maps contains information about the location of employees.
  3. Reports allows the user to generate task performance reports.
  4. Analytics (Beta Testing mode) allows the user to generate reports on-the-fly by editing the data display format.
  5. CRM contains a database of clients and elements associated with them, to which tasks can be assigned.
  6. Staff contains information about the users of your workspace in Zegoal.
  7. Planning allows the user to view a list of employees in the context of the time schedule and their occupancy.
  8. Administration contains tools for configuring the operation of the entire system.

If you need help with working with the Zegoal service, you can always quickly open the user manual by clicking the Help button in the service interface.